Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Institute of Water and Flood Management)

Dhaka University (Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies)

Islamic University of Technology (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Military Institute of Science and Technology (Dept. of Civil Engineering, Dept. of Environmental, Water Resources & Coastal Engineering)

Guidance of Post Graduate Thesis / Project

Current Students

  1. Evaluating Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Practices among Secondary Students in Dhaka City, M.Sc. (WRD) (Tanjim Hossain) 

  2. Operational Management and Socio-Economic Acceptance of Rural Piped Water Supply Scheme in Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD) (Shaikh Mohammad Shamim Reza)

  3. Land-Cover Scoring Based Ecosystem Service Assessment in Dhaka City, M.Sc. (WRD) (Md. Sabbir Hosen) 

  4. Economic Modeling-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Water Management in Beel Pakhimara, M.Sc. (WRD) (Md. Mehedi Hasan ) 

  5. Social Impacts and Mitigation Measures of Riverbank Erosion of The Jamuna in Sirajganj,  PG. Dip (WRD) (Md. Shakil Ahmed)

  6. An Assessment of the Influencing Factors of Water Scarcity in the Drought-Prone Northwest Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD) (Akanda Md. Raihan Gafur)

Past Students

Co-supervision of PhD Student

  1. Socio-economic and environmental impacts of changing land use pattern of Rangamati District, Ph.D., Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, The University of Dhaka (Md. Maksudur Rahman) 

Supervision of MSc Students

  1. High Resolution Evapotranspiration Estimation from Satellite Remote Sensing and Data Fusion for the Northwest Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2024 (Nafis Sadik Khan)

  2. Spatial and Temporal Changes of Soil Salinity in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2023 (M. Abrar Rubaiyat Islam)

  3. Estimating Salinity and Chlorophyll-A Concentration in the Meghna Estuary using Landsat Imagery, M.Sc. (WRD), 2023 (Asaduz Zaman)

  4. Sedimentation Assessment and Watershed Prioritization: A Case Study of Muhuri Irrigation Project, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (Anik Chandra Banik)

  5. Establishment of Best-Fitted Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for the Hydrological Regions of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (A. Q. M. Zohuruzzaman)

  6. Assessing Land Use Change and Its Impact on Ecosystem Services in Khulna Conurbation, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (Md. Salman Ferdous)

  7. Assessment of the Potential of Bioengineering Intervention for Retarding Cyclonic Wind and Storm Surge in Coastal Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2021 (Syed Labib Ul Islam)

  8. Development of Flood Forecasting System for North-Western Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2019 (Raihanul Haque Khan)

  9. Stochastic Modeling of Hydrological and Meteorological Drought in the South-West Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2019 (Noor-e-Ashmaul Husna)

  10. Rainfall Frequency Analysis and Isopluvial Mapping for Bangladesh Using Best Fitted Probability Distribution Function, M.Sc. (WRD), 2018 (Khandakar Aurib)

  11. Development of Water-Energy-Food Nexus Conceptual Framework for Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2018 (Partha Protim Biswas)

  12. Impact of Land Use Change on Ecosystem Services in Barisal Sadar Upazila, M.Sc. (WRD), 2018  (Md. Al-Amin).

  13. Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Reference Evapotranspiration for the Southwest Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2018 (Imran Hossain Newton).

  14. Impact of Flash Flood on Boro Rice Production in Taherpur Upazila, M.Sc. (WRD), 2017 (Md. Abdullah All Sourav).

  15. Assessment of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Padma River Using Satellite Remote Sensing, M.Sc. (WRD), 2016 (Mashrekur Rahman).

  16. Flood Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment in a Riverine Flood Prone Area: A Case Study, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Md. Sadequr Rahman Bhuiyan).

  17. An Investigation into Household Based Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene of a Selected Slum with Gender Perspective, M.Sc. (WRD), 2010 (Safina Naznin).

  18. Application of Geoinformatics for Flood Study at Tarapur Union of Gaibandha, M.Sc. (WRD), 2006 (S.M. Imrul Hasan).

  19. Application of Remote Sensing in Identifying Pollutant Spread in the Buriganga River, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2006 (Mohammad Ruhul Amin).

  20. Distribution of Sediments at the Gorai Offtake, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2005 (Mrityunjoy Ghosh).

  21. Analysis of Changing Scenario of Wetlands in Dhaka City Using Remote Sensing and GIS, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2005 (Mst. Sufia Sultana).

  22. Sediment Transport Predictor in the Ganges River, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2004 (Shahana Akter).

  23. Geometric and Morphological Evolution of the Gorai River, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2004 (Md. Rezaul Karim).

  24. Stochastic Modeling of Sediment Load in the Ganges River, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2004 (Sheikh Tareq Jaman).

  25. Prediction of Future Land Use Land Cover changes of Dhaka City Using Remote Sensing and GIS, Research Monograph, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2019 (Najiba Rashid).

  26. Study on the Temperature Variation of Sitalakkhya River by using GIS and Remote Sensing, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2016 (M. Aslamur Rahman Rajeeb).

  27. The Role Bangladesh Army in Conducting Rescue Operation out of Building Collapse in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Rana Plaza, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2014 (Beig Sabbir Ahmed).

  28. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Based Boro Rice Yield Forecasting in Rangpur, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2015 (Md. Zubaeer-Ibne-Mahboob).

  29. Impacts of Climatic Factors on Rice Production: A Case Study in Rajshahi, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2015 (Md. Mahfuz Bin Wahab).

  30. Hospital Non-Structural Vulnerability Assessment for Earthquake Resilience: An Empirical Study in Selected Urban Areas in Bangladesh, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2014 (Muhammad Zahidur Rahim).

  31. The Role of Bangladesh Army in Conducting Rescue Operation out of Building Collapse in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Rana Plaza, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2014 (Beig Sabbir Ahmed).

  32. Temporal Variation of Land Use and Land Cover Change of Bhola Island Using Geoinformatics, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2013 (Md. Khalid Hasan).

  33. Urban Multi-Hazard Risk Analysis by Using GIS: A Case of Old Dhaka (Shakhari Bazar), Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2013 (Musfera Jahan).

  34. Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies in Satkhira District: A Study on Service Providers at Khalishkhali Union of Tala Upazila, Master of Disaster Management, Dhaka University, 2011 (Suria Nushrin).

Examination of Post Graduate Dissertation / Thesis / Project

PhD Dissertation

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall and Streamflow using Regional Climate Model (RCM) SND Water Balance Modelling of Vamanapuram River Basin, by Anie John S, 2022, Karunnya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India.

  2. Potential of Urban Roof Top Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation Tool Through Efficient Water Management, by Musammat Shahinara Begum, 2022, Institute of Water and Flood Management, BUET, Dhaka.

  3. The Role of Women in Disaster Risk reduction in Bangladesh: An Impirical Study in DND Area, by Pratima Dev, 2021, Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, Dhaka University.

  4. Effect of Nano Materials on Roughness Coefficient, N. Muthu Kumaran, 2021, by Karunnya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India.

  5. Optimal Distribution of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Urban Stormwater Runoff Quantity and Quality Control, by Abdulrazaq Rezaei, 2020, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

  6. Assessment of Water Productivity of Wheat and Maize under Changing Climate in the Northwestern Bangladesh using Remote Sensing Data and Crop Modeling, by Abul Fatta Mohammad Tarikul Islam, 2019, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka.

  7. Hydro-Climatic Impact on Cholera Incidence in Dhaka under Global Warming, by Salima Sultana Daisy, 2019, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka.

  8. Changes and Causes of Rainfall Extremes over Northeast Bangladesh under the Warming World, by Md. Abul Bashar, 2019, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka.

  9. Environment Awareness among the Community on Water Quality Management for Human Beings, by Pratima Tamrakar, 2018, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

  10. Organization and Turnover at Sathanur Command Area, by Sundararaman B, 2018, Anna University, India.

  11. The Socioeconomic Impact of Climate Change: Assessing the Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity of the Coastal People in Bangladesh, by Farhana Zaman, 2015, Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

  12. Studies on Climatological Aerosol Characteristics and Their Interactions over India Using Satellite Data, by Sri A. Siva Madhusudanacharyulu, 2015, Andhra University, India.

Master's Thesis and Post Graduate Diploma Project

  1. Development of High-Resolution Surface Soil Moisture using Spatial Data with Deep Learning Model in Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2024 (Sujit Kumar Roy)

  2. Modeling of Basin-Wide Flash Flood Susceptibility using Traditional and Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques for the Northeast Region of Bangladesh, M,Sc. (WRD), 2023 (Md. Enayet Chowdhury)

  3. Potentiality of Sediment Flux to Offset Relative Sea Level Rise of Ganges Delta in Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2023 (Mahmida Tul Urmi)

  4. Impacts of Future Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) and Climate Change on Runoff of the Teesta Basin, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (Md. Syadur Rahaman)

  5. Assessment of Vegetation Damage of the Sundarbans and Inundation in the Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh for Three Recent Cyclones Using Satellite Images, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (Ariful Islam)

  6. Studying the Meander Bend Migration of the Arial Khan River, M.Sc. (WRD), 2022 (Jannatul Ferdoush)

  7. An Analysis of Urban Flooding and Its Impact on Gender in a Slum of Dhaka City, M.Sc. (WRD), 2020 (Zarin Subah).

  8. Riverbank Stability Under Hydraulic and Static Load Condition Using Limit Equilibrium Method and Finite Element Method, Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET, 2020 (Md. Shahidul Islam).

  9. Performance Evaluation of Bandal-Like Structures for Tidal River Flow and Sediment Management, M.Sc. (WRD), 2020 (Numan Al Kibria)

  10. A Comparative Assessment of Gender Perspective for Shrimp and Mixed Farming Practices in a Coastal Upazila, M.Sc. (WRD)., 2019 (Samiul Kader Khan)

  11. Comparative Study of Performance for Real-time Flash Flood Forecasting in the Upper Meghna Basin, M.Sc. (WRD), 2017 (Khaled Mohammad).

  12. Assessment of Human Health Vulnerability to Climate Change in Bangladesh, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2016 (Md. Raihan Tanvir).

  13. Monsoon Rainfall Forecasting for Different Hydrological Regions of Bangladesh using Climate Predictability Took (CPT), M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Satyajit Roy Das).

  14. Change of Halda River Flow due to Different Water Control Structures and Its Impact on Halda Ecosystem, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Firoza Akhter).

  15. Evaluation of Drinking Water Technologies Used in South-Western Coastal Bangladesh: A Case Study, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Abu Jubayer).

  16. Index Based Climate Vulnerability Assessment for Hatiya of Noakhali of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Nahid Hasan Raju).

  17. Causes and Failure of Submersible Embankment and Its Impact on the Haor Area: A Case Study of Karchar Haor Project, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Md. Kaisar Alam).

  18. Quasi-Real Time Prediction of Storm Surge Inundation for the Coastal Region of Bangladesh, M.Sc. (WRD), 2015 (Ali Mohammad Rezaie).

  19. Comparison of Statistical Downscaling Techniques for Development of Future Climate Change Scenarios for the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2015 (Sadia Azad).

  20. Improvement of forecasting heavy rainfall events using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, M.Sc. (WRD), 2014 (Mohammad Alfi Hasan).

  21. Assessment of change in future flow of Brahmaputra Basin applying SWAT model using multi-member ensemble climate data, M.Sc. (WRD), 2014 (Supria Paul).

  22. Detention-Based Stormwater Drainage Management Using a Dynamic Programming Approach in a Selected Area in Dhaka, M.Sc. (WRD), 2017 (Soheli Nasrin).

  23. Mainstreaming Gender in IWRM: The Case of Small Scale Water Resources Development Sector Project, M.Sc. (WRD), 2014 (Anil Chandra Barman).

  24. Exploring Gender Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change Associated Extremes, M.Sc. (WRD), 2014 (Mahin Al Nahian).

  25. Detecting Changes of Shoreline at Kuakatha Coast using RS-GIS Techniques and Participatory Approach, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2013 (Nazla Bushra). 

  26. Salinity Risk to Agricultural Landuse due to Sea Level Rise: A Case Study in Dhalua Union of Barguna Sadar Upazila, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2013 (Md. Abdullah Al Baky).

  27. Socio-Technical Approach for the Erosion Management at Shuvogacha Bend along the Right Bank of the Jamuna River, PG. Dip (WRD), 2011 (Mohammad Zubairul Islam).

  28. Comparing Ecological Resource-Dependent Livelihood Patterns between a Project and Non-Project Area, PG. Dip. (WRD, 2010 (Suha Sanwar).

  29. Identification of Land Cover Changes of the Haor Area and its Impact on Livelihood Assets, M.Sc. (WRD), 2010 (Md. Salauddin).

  30. Study on Low Cost River Training Works in a Meandering Bend Along the Madhumati River, M.Sc. (WRD), 2009 (Md. Qutub Al-Hossain). 

  31. Effectiveness of Bandalling and Dredging for the Maintenance of Navigational Channel in the Jamuna River, M.Sc. (WRD), 2009 (Rumana Sharmin).

  32. Developing GIS Too to Identify Critical Areas for Drinking Water Supply during Dry Season in Dinajpur District; PG. Dip. (WRD), 2006 (S.M. Tanvir Hassan).

  33. Determination of Location of Shared Posts for Vulnerable People at Duptara Village Piped Water Supply System using GIS, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2006 (Maria Rahman).

  34. Forest Cover Change Detection and Spatial Modelling for Identification of Erosion Prone Areas in Kaptai Reservoir Watershed of Bangladesh, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, 2006.

  35. Effect of Landuse Change on Geometric Characteristics of the Buriganga River, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2006 (Rumana Binte Habib).

  36. A Study on Maintenance of Some Flood Embankments in and around Dhaka City, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2004.

  37. Recent Morphological Trend of the Jamuna Bridge Site: A Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis, PG. Dip. (WRD), 2002.

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